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Welcome! I’m Lindsay Cooper, I’m the founder and blogger of Hockey Boucherville. I’m a small time business owner of a flower shop in Sacramento, CA. I’m a mother of 3. Alex 11, Daisy 7, and my youngest Nick 3. I’ve been happily married for over 10 years now with my oh so awesome husband Tom. I’ve been dining blogs and write ups for about 5 years now, and I do hope you find the insight that you came here for!

I started my website as a simple review site to deliver fun articles and blogs about my hobbies and travel adventures. At first it really was just a way to pass my time, and I really enjoy writing since I was a kid.

As time went by, my blogs slowly gained traction and small following. I transitioned from solely blogging about my life to reviewing different products and business services. My Husband Tom was actually the one who pointed out that I have a knack for writing, and encouraged me to turn it into a small business. Now I have over 3 sites that cover niches like, products reviews, dental services and equipment, Online marketing tools, and content management systems.

I personally oversee anything and everything that goes up in my blogs to assure that you are getting the highest quality reviews and opinions when it comes to products and services suggestions

I take pride in the quality of my reviews and its trustworthiness. I review each product with my knowledge, experiences, and knowledge in that particular niche. I strictly recommend only the products that I deemed worth of recognition so that my viewers can make an informed decision.

Below is an outline of how my review process works

  • Experts opinion. In every industry I review products in, I always consult some of the experts and authority bloggers that are well-known in the niche to see what is their take on the product. Consulting with qualified experts makes me feel assured that the product or business I am promoting is of high quality and will greatly benefit my readers.
  • I do my own research and evaluation on the product, like ordering  or trying them without any sponsorship so that I can simulate an experience that my readers would be getting if ever they follow my suggestions.
  • My articles and reviews go through peer and expert review before I post them. This is to ensure that my write-ups are in-line with what the general consumer is looking for.
  • Although I might be getting a partnership or affiliate marketing program for some of the products I review, I make it of paramount importance to be impartial. I assure my readers that my opinions are not based on the amount of money a company is giving me, but rather one that will benefit readers the most

I always keep an open mind when it comes to my blogs. If you, my readers, find something you don’t like or generally don’t agree with, I’m always open for discussion, after all no review site is perfect. I would be more than happy to hear your thoughts one what should be improved upon, or even if you have a product or business you want me to review.

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I highly value your input and want to hear more of what you want to say. Did you find my blogs helpful? What did you like the most? Send me some of your ideas on what product I should review next!